What does it take to join Collective Casting?

We are currently looking for models with developed, quality portfolios, positive attitudes, potential and passion. We do not have height or weight requirements.


How do I join Collective Casting?

You can apply on our website. www.collectivecasting.co under ‘The Collective’ tab and then click on ‘Registration.’


How often would I book jobs if I joined?

It varies between the demand of the market. We constantly have auditions and castings that we are submitting talent to.


How do I get to work based in NYC?

We have clients based in NYC and we are also partnered with several NYC based sister agencies that we submit our talent to.


Do you sign actors?

Yes. We have had our male actors audition for every Hollywood production that come to Cleveland. We also book commercial work. We also have had our talent audition for major projects outside of the Cleveland market.


Are women of short stature accepted?

Yes. As an agency, we accept all sizes. To be transparent, most modeling clients will request models 5’7” and up and actors of all sizes.


What do you recommend to someone who needs to build a quality portfolio?

We recommend either investing and paying a professional photographer to shoot your portfolio or doing free test shoots with local photographers.


How should one go about getting experience in acting/modeling so that they are marketable?

Take classes, participate in local film or theater programs, work with local creatives to help build your skill. Participate in as much as you can to tone your craft!


Are models under 5’7” marketable?

Models under 5’7” will have to have very strong portfolios because most clients request models over a certain height. That’s why we recommend working with as many local creatives as possible to get a diverse and strong portfolio book.


Can I register if I am under 18?

You have to be 18 and up to register.


How long does it take to get paid from bookings?

Payments can take from 4-12 weeks to process. This is a standard industry practice.